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Your Career Takeoff

As a fully certified Coaching Professional, I am here to help you transform your career, transfer your skills and enter a new career path. I walk beside you on your journey and guide you towards your goals.

The spotlight is on you. I'm helping to keep it that way.

About Me

Career Coach

My background is 15 years of experience as an HR Director & Recruiter in aviation and as a Professional Career Coach.  I help new career speculators to identify and transfer their skills in a powerful way and ignite a new flame that leads to the next perfect career opportunity. 


Recruitment and selection have always been a large part of my job so when choosing a niche for my coaching, it emerged naturally to define myself as a Career Coach. I have a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation and am a member of the International Coach Federation. My master's degree is in Talent Management and Organisational Behaviour. I have also studied mediation to help solve conflicts and disagreements occurring in workplaces.



My desire to help stems from the energy I experience when I see my clients spread their wings and reach their goals. I have a sincere urge to help those that are struggling in their careers. It also gives me enormous pleasure to witness the AHA moments and the joy and relief that follows when a person “gets it”.


My career has transitioned several times from one sector to another. Throughout my aviation career in HR, I was studying alongside my work. My background is in the performing arts and tourism. Today I work as an HR professional, Strengths Profiler, and a Career Coach.


I’ve worked for two airlines as an HR Director and one of the airlines had bases in all of the Nordic countries and Ireland. I speak several languages; Icelandic is my mother tongue but English and Italian have been my main working languages. I have lived in Germany, Italy and as a child, I lived in Norway for a while. Even though I learned Danish for 7 years in school I don’t consider myself Danish-speaking. I, however, understand all the Scandinavian languages for general purposes and can make myself understood. 

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