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My career has transitioned several times from one sector to another. Throughout my aviation career, I was studying alongside my work, and now I work as an independent HR professional, Strengths Profiler, and a Career Coach. I love what I do, but it has taken me some time to get here.

I wondered if I had made the right decision when I left aviation back in 2014. This was a decision I had postponed a few times even though I knew I needed to spread my wings. I'm aware of how the thought of leaving the aviation industry is scary. It is even more important now to wake up and smell the coffee

The problem was that I wasn't able to find time for my core calling and interests anymore and needed to be more in control of my time. It required some soul searching to find the courage to take a leap of faith to start working independently. It was a decision I made myself and was not forced into it. Now I know that I could have come to a decision sooner if I had someone in my corner to support me in deciding what was true for me.

It is possible to have many careers in a lifetime and sometimes the transition is quite blurry and made without a conscious decision. I am thankful for all the different jobs I’ve had; they all have contributed to the person I am today. 

My essence is however the same as before and the things that energize me. My core, which is singing, is a source of energy and travelling is embedded in my genes. I recently learned about a syndrome which I strongly relate to, called the PPP - Permanent Passport in Pocket syndrome 😉. I can honestly say that since I sing and travel less than I used to, I enjoy it, even more, when I do.

Today, I'm right where I have to be. Sharing my accumulated experience and knowledge as a Career Coach and helping Flight Crew Members to find their path in their career. 

Experienced. Certified. Curious. Motivating

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