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31 MAY is the Flight Attendants day

Cabin Crew Members have a wealth of skills. Many of the things they do on each flight go unnoticed. They do not only go the extra mile to serve the passenger but they do it with an extra smile as well.

The best way to put it to say that Flight Attendants have a Servant's Heart

They have a wealth of skills and go the extra mile to serve the passenger on every flight with an extra smile as well.

The O*Net skill database lists the following skills as fundamental for cabin crew members.

But there is so much more

🛩️ Efficient work ethics. Get the job done no matter what and under pressure.

🛩️ Teamwork

🛩️ Stepping up and taking authority in unforeseen circumstances.

🛩️ Following instructions, checklists, and procedures strictly

🛩️ Problem-solving on the fly

🛩️ Stamina. Even after long hours and time zone changes, they maintain their cool.

🛩️ Emotional awareness

🛩️ Leadership in stressful customer service situations and safety emergencies.

...and the list continues. Can you add to it?

The good news is that the right skills and mindset will beat academic qualifications in the future job market. This is great news for those that maybe don't intend to enter into higher education learning programs.

The future job market will require us to be lifelong learners. The education will be skill-based and ALWAYS-ON.

So if you are a cabin crew member wishing to transition into a new career, the above is basically a checklist of your soft skills. If you have not been outspoken about your soft skills in job interviews and how they have served you then now is the time.

Update your CV and describe the wealth of skills you have after serving in the sky for so and so many years.

If you need any help with that, I'm a message away.

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