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Last year was the biggest proof that we live in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) times.

The World Economic Forum is actively tracking and predicting the future of jobs and they issue reports and studies regularly. This is the one from October 2020.

According to the report the top skills for 2025 and guess where active learning is?

I bet my horse on that UNIQUELY HUMAN SKILLS which I wrote about in my last blog are going to be sought after overall and all-around.

Human skills are often referred to as soft skills or transferable skills, or even power skills. They tend to be difficult to build since their essence is so ingrained into one's character.

They are however definitely worth investing in, train and nurture as they might become a competitive advantage in the future. Technology might be outperforming people in a number of tasks, however, technology suck at emotional intelligence and human skills such as collaboration, communication, and creativity.

The rate of change is faster than ever. Hence, we need to be unlearning, learning, and relearning all the time!

Being able to adapt and is a highly sought-after skill, but the future will expect us to be lifelong learners. I'm talking about active learning, owning and pursuing learning, and not get stuck in the way it has always be done.

Companies want people with an eye for detail, creative problem-solving skills, a collaborative mindset, and an ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity. The Forum’s Jobs of Tomorrow report, in fact, found that emerging professions reflect the continuing importance of human interaction in the new economy, giving rise to greater demand for roles at the forefront of people and culture.

So jump on board to be ready for a new career takeoff, building on your already identified strengths and skills. I will help you streamline your skills into your CV and verbalize them for your next job interview.

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