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A spark or a real flame

My purpose is to help clients rediscover the passion that fired the love of their work; or ignite a new flame that leads them to the next perfect career opportunity.

To ignite a sustainable flame of courage you need to connect with your core. You only need to light a spark to get unstuck and to start working your Plan B.

Attending the YOUR CAREER TAKEOFF webinar on Thursday the 12th May 2021 at 21:00 (Central European Time), will help you find that spark and necessary information to start designing your career and light the runway to the next job offer.

In this webinar, I will help you face the facts and facilitate self-reflection about your situation. so that you can start planning and get the decision-making flowing.

What you will learn

  • Why making a decision now about your next move is crucial for your career.

  • How to liberate you from the place between the rock and a hard place and start working on your plan B, as we speak

  • The 5 things to keep in mind to enjoy your job search more and brush off the rejections.

  • Which skills are currently sought after and play huge a role in the future job market.

  • Plus, a lot of fun, inspiration, and motivational spirit with Ágústa Sigrún

It is all about empowering you to make a choice and build a solid foundation for your decision making. Your PLAN B might be the best one yet!

This FREE webinar is 75 minutes and will be 100% LIVE.


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