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Are you still on standby?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Being on standby for a year is a situation that many flight crew members find themselves in. The outlook in aviation s both bright and dim at the same time.

They might be asking themselves fundamental questions about their future with the answer still up in the air.

Taking the controls over one's life is therefore even more important, becoming proactive and stop guesstimating.

I can relate to this feeling since I have pivoted my career a number of times. The biggest and most important thing to do in a situation where you feel you need to react is to make a powerful decision.

That is why I have created this webinar, using my past experiences as an HR Manager and an aviation employee to support flight crew members pin-pointing the next step in their career. I'm offering help to those who need a professional push to take the initial steps towards their next career.

It is a FREE 75min refresher online training where I show you the 5 things to keep in mind to enjoy your job search more and brush off the rejections. There are Q & A interactions and a really safe space to absorb information.

Join me for inspiration and to receive best practices, expert tips, and proven recipes for pin-pointing your next career and have a successful career takeoff.

Click on the link to find out more and to register:

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