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Be Kind

I like this word.

Also because of what it means in German.

Be a Child.

This ties perfectly into today's blog post.

Be Kind to yourself
Be Kind

I train people who are going for a job interview. Job search is stressful and hard. There’s no doubt about it. My clients have often experienced rejection after carrying out a professional recruitment process. They find it hard to bounce back. To get back into gear. To continue finding their job match. A job where you feel valued and where you can constantly grow and develop new skills.

I, therefore, invite you to BE KIND to yourself.

  1. Become aware of how you talk to yourself. Use strength-related language when defining the situation. You do it for others. Why don't do it for yourself as well?

  2. Don't take rejection personally. Take a ‘no’ for a job as an opportunity for another role. Remember that not all the roles are for you.

  3. Remember the YES comes closer every day. Your situation is temporary, and even if it takes a bit longer than expected, you can use this time to do what you longed for when you were employed.

  4. Share your wins and losses. Support others in the same situation and your help will be rewarded. Compassion can extend beyond yourself and miraculously this often comes back when you need it the most.

  5. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. While it’s crucial to prioritize your job-search activities, it’s equally important to keep things in perspective.

Respect. Carpe Diem.

Roger that.

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