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Between the rock and the hard place

It is a difficult place to be, most would say. is being stuck, unable to move and afraid of what might happen if you get yourself unstuck. You might have a look to see what's out there, but then you are drawn back in as if there was an elastic band connecting you to the belly button of this dark place. You are not able to reach far enough to ground yourself, see your real options and evaluate them. Therefore the options you see are limited and possibly not suitable for the bigger picture, your life.

So what do you do? What do you need, to be able to make up your mind and get unstuck?

One way to approach it would be to look at the problems you have more pragmatically, but that is easy to say when you're stuck and you don't see the path forward or the sky above you. Ironically, that is however the best way. You kind of need to force yourself out there to allow your intuition, vision, values and your future to help you make decisions.

Allow yourself to go there.

It's going to be fruitful and rewarding in the end.

It's a gift you give to your self and with some help from a Coach, this will generate decisions and results for you. The Coach will grab your hand, preventing you from being drawn back by the elastic band.

P.S. This phrase was used during an economic crisis when mining workers faced low wages working at the rock face on one hand and unemployment and poverty on the other if the refused to work. Source:

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