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Career Change

Career changes, even positive ones, can be disruptive, let alone involuntary.

The stress factor related to it can be pretty high and ranks among the top 10 of the life event stress chart. It normally ranks no. 8 if a lay-off is involved.

We, human beings, have a fundamental, primal and natural resistance to change. That's how we are designed by nature. When we need to change, whether it is a job or a career, our brain can perceive it as a threat and numbs us. The brain blocks off logical thinking.

A perceived threat, such as change, can hamper prefrontal cortex functioning. The more worked up we are, the harder it is to think, even a small trigger can inhibit the brain’s creativity, invention, new thinking, judgment, and impulse control.

We feel stuck and don't see our options clearly.

This auto-pilot mode is vital to know in relation to job hunting or career change, There is nothing wrong with you if you feel anxious and insecure.


So if you are planning a career change you will benefit from surrounding yourself with people who support you, no matter what. They cheer you on facilitating your mental breaks to be released and you gain access to your primal brain function again.

A professional Career Coach will also help you get there sooner. You are welcome to reach out for a free discovery session to help you get your mechanism going again.

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