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Career Fingerprint

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Now, more than ever it's important to know the tricks and the do's and the don'ts to land job offers.

How do you ensure that

  • your application gets noticed during the recruitment process?

  • your application will go into the stack of candidates being invited for an interview?

  • you will be remembered after the job interview?

Leaving your career fingerprint in various ways during the recruitment process is what matters to ensure that you will be remembered

Here are some ideas on leaving your career fingerprint


Make your resume fit for ATS (Application Tracking System). Wisely choose your keywords to compliment the job profile. The search engine optimizer will exact out your resume to the recruiters if you do this properly.

Standout CV & Cover Letter

Have a powerful, readable, and relevant CV that lists your experience, education in a succinct way. A dash of design can not hurt, as long as it does not overshadow the content. It needs to answer the main questions that a recruiter looks for with regards to previous jobs and experience. Make the reader curious about you, wanting to know more. The Content of the Cover Letter needs to be personal and address every single job requirement from the advertisement. You need to spoon-feed the reader with your material.


Equip yourself við information about the company, what they stand for, what their vision is and how their values are represented in their operation. Try on their values, mission, and goals and find out how they align with our own. Find out who will be interviewing you and what their role is in the recruitment. Connect with them on LinkedIn and check out if you have any mutual friends or interests. Could come in handy.

Interview Performance

Be prepared for an online interview as the first point of assessment, maybe even predefined questions without a person on the other end. Practise it.

Prepare for the famous question: "So, tell me a little about your self" which you can turn into your high-end elevator speech. Here you have a good chance to leave a beautiful fingerprint.

Be curious during the interview and ask questions. Have a series of questions prepared when you will be invited to ask about something.

Show interest in the interviewer and the team conducting the interview. Leave a first impression fingerprint.

Also, be prepared for a new range of questions emerging since the pandemic hit. Enjoy your time in the spotlight. Shine.

Follow up


Call or email shortly after you the recruitment deadline has passed. Ask when you can expect to hear from them. Wish them good luck with scanning the applicants. Express your interest again.


Send an email, thanking them for a good interview, expressing your interest once more.

Connect with the interviewers on LinkedIn. Let them know you are there.


In case you are not successful this time around, ask for feedback on your blind spots, gaps in your CV or experience, and performance during the interview. This is to enhance your job search skills and improve your performance for your next interview

Hope this serves you well so that you will ace your next interview.

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