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Career pivot

Aviation personnel is being forced to pivot and transition due to the global pandemic.

One day hope is high but the day after everything feels dreadful. A new airline launch gets the hope back into the air, but the thought of the number of applicants for each vacancy brings you back to the ground.

The motivation fluctuates and so does the spirit.

Decision making is crucial. In fact, even liberating. Energy is released when a decision is put into action.

Change is hard but will at some point be necessary for the upcoming months or maybe the change has already taken place and you are adjusting.

With the situation that the world is in right now, it is more important than ever to be proactive and stop guesstimating. To take the controls.

Maybe the timing has never been better for a new career takeoff!

You are welcome to contact me for a FREE strategy session to support your decision making.

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