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Catch-22 in job search

Updated: May 8, 2021

A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations. The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.

An example is:

"How can I get any experience until I get a job that gives me experience?" –

Brantley Foster in The Secret of My Success.

A logic dilemma. Heller originally wanted to call the phrase (and hence, the book) by other numbers, but he and his publishers eventually settled on 22. The number has no particular significance; it was chosen more or less for euphony.

If you’ve been looking for an entry-level job recently, you’ve probably run into a frustrating issue: A listing is labelled as entry-level, but it also requires its applicants to have anywhere between one and five years of experience. So how do you gain work experience if you don’t have enough experience for an entry-level job? This dilemma is sometimes referred to as the entry-level catch-22.

I was going to write a blog about this in continuation of my last blog post on 21. However when sourcing for content I came across this article, and I have basically nothing to add.

I, therefore, would like to refer this article to you.

Have a look:

The entry-level catch-22

If you are looking for a way out of this loophole then you are welcome to contact me. I'll help you get to the next level.

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