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We tend to dismiss curiosity as a childish, naïve trait, but it can actually give us profound advantages. Crucially, curiosity helps us approach uncertainty in our everyday lives with a positive attitude.

There are times when we all wonder if we’ve chosen the right path – but the key to a richer life could be simply cultivating your curious nature.

Strengths Profile defines the strength Curiosity as:

You are interested in everything, constantly seeking out new information and learning more

In an e-book, Sue Langley published 10 brain-friendly habits. This eBook introduces you to some of the most brain-friendly habits you can apply to boost your happiness and wellbeing. Curiosity is identified as one of them.

You can’t always be happy—yet you can nearly always be curious and aware.

Make curiosity part of your daily routine by noticing new things each time you are out walking or in a natural environment.

With curiosity you can approach new experiences, people and events with mindful awareness—the positive and beautiful as well as the challenging and upsetting. In anxious situations, it is easy to get overwhelmed by your own internal emotions.

If you dial up your curiosity, it allows you to dial down anxiety.

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