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(F+C) < (P + V + S)

This is an equation on the forces involved in a change process that was introduced by Winstanley in 2005. It captures the challenges and what needs to be present to launch a change and make it stick.

  • F = fear of change, resistance to change

  • C = present comfort

  • P = pain in and dissatisfaction with the present situation

  • V = vision of the future desired state

  • S = Knowledge of the first steps

I'm passionate about helping people reinterpret change as an opportunity rather than a threat?

The tipping point is the URGENCY.

Making a decision about a career change may initially feel like everything is put off balance.

The first phase is the most chaotic one, i.e. making the decision. This is when your comfort zone is challenged and you need to stick your head out. Strong reactions are evoked most likely resistance.

In the YOUR CAREER TAKEOFF webinar on Thursday 8th of April 2021, at 16:00 GMT, I will try to help you put more clarity into the "S" of this equation. It is the knowledge of the first step which I hope will help you create the urgency for a new career takeoff and make the equation work in your favour. When increasing the elements on the right-hand side of the equation you will have a rewarding career takeoff with your mindset as the engine.


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