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Focus on questions, not answers

I came across this article recently and got inspired. Coaching is all about asking powerful questions. I've learned in fact how utterly important it is, so that's why I lid up when reading this article.

The author of this HBR article called Better Brainstorming is Hal Gregersen and he describes the methodology in the following way.

Start by selecting a problem that matters. Invite a small group to help you consider it, and in just two minutes describe it at a high level so that you don’t constrain the group’s thinking. Make it clear that people can contribute only questions and that no preambles or justifications are allowed. Then, set the clock for four minutes, and generate as many questions as you can in that time, aiming to produce at least 15. Afterward, study the questions generated, looking for those that challenge your assumptions and provide new angles on your problem. If you commit to actively pursuing at least one of these, chances are, you’ll break open a new pathway to unexpected solutions.

This is in total harmony with the tools that professional coaches use when working with their clients. One of the core competencies we train as coaches evoke awareness. The definition is:

Facilitates client insight and learning by using tools and techniques such as powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy.

Needless to say, the connection between asking questions to facilitate answers is one the most powerful tools coaches have to support their clients in reframing perspectives.

We are trained to help our clients to identify factors that influence current and future patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotion.

I invite you to generate ideas about you they can move forward and explore what you are willing or able to do to get to the desired destination.

If your destination is not clear or set, I help you dig deeper to find the core.

If you would like to have a powerful discovery session, drop me a message and I will reserve 60 minutes for you to prepare for a new takeoff.

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