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Pilots and Cabin Crew, this is your Coach speaking!

We are currently cruising and the outlook for aviation is ... speculative ... at the moment. Some days it looks like we have a tailwind on our side but other days it seems we are only flying through turbulence with no clear destination ahead of us.

As your Coach, I invite you for a refresher course in the form of a webinar of valuable information on how to transition your career.

The webinar is tailormade for flight crew members that have lost their jobs and intend to look for new careers.

The actual webinar will begin at 16:00 UTC / 17:00 UTC (+1) on the 8th of April. 2021. Don't expect any LMC.

I will ask that you please direct your attention to the monitor in front of you at the time of the webinar start. Please have your paper and pencil ready to take notes that will help with your NEW career takeoff. We expect to land 75 minutes after takeoff.

This is the registration link:

Please reserve the seat next to you for someone that would benefit from this flight by sharing the link with them.

Until then, sit back, relax and build excitement for the upcoming webinar.

Thank you.

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