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Lava Love #2

I intended to write about "A fork in the road" but my heart got stolen yesterday by a hypnotic lava flow. Therefore the fork has to wait and my love for lava will prevail in today's blog.

I was excited but nothing could have prepared me for this miracle.

Lava began erupting on Friday, March 19, in the Geldingadalur region. It is the first eruption in the Reykjanes Peninsula in about 800 years and is not expected to threaten any populated areas. It is however very close to Blue Lagoon which is the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland, and actually, quite close to the Keflavík international airport.

It has provided a unique opportunity to study the geologic mysteries of the region and will most likely be the salvation of tourism flow to Iceland in summer 2021 IF it continues.

It requires some leg work and stamina to get there but it is 100% worth it.

And how am I going to connect this encounter with mother earth to career change, connecting to your core for some breakthrough decision making, and transformational coaching?

I'll leave it up to you but for me, it is crystal clear.

The forces are all around us. The need to let go and break free will not leave us. Our passion burns inside and we have to tap into it to release the tension. We ourselves are unique creatures and need to be connected to our core so we can be ready when it's time for us to shine.


Thanks, MOTHER EARTH - I'll be back!!!

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