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Learnability and Employability

💡 Learnability is the desire and ability to learn new skills to be employable for the long term, to stay relevant, and remain employable.

🏁 Employability is the ability to gain and maintain a desired job.

Do you know which skills and personal traits are valuable for the new era we are entering and how does your current skill set match it?

Technology will replace both cognitive and manual routine tasks so people can take on non-routine tasks and more fulfilling roles.

Creativity, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility are skills that will tap human potential and allow people to augment robots, rather than be replaced by them.

The difference now is the life cycle of skills is shorter than ever and change is happening at an unprecedented scale. Imagine how the need has escalated since 2016 when the survey and research were carried out.

People working in IT and customer-facing roles should feel optimistic: those employers anticipate the greatest increases in headcount. In HR too, headcount is set to increase in the short-term as they steer companies through this period of adjustment.

#Employability no longer depends on what you already know, but on what you are likely to learn.

#Learnability will be the world's greatest equalizer as we face a skills revolution.

If you are interested in harnessing your skills and developing the desired skills for the future, drop me a message, and we can have a chat.


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