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Newton's Cradle - Your momentum

Newton is most likely not the first name that comes to mind when you are working on your career, but I'm going to connect the dots for you.

Many of my clients struggle to keep the motivation and find it hard to designate time every day to work on their job search and stick to it.

Newton offers a piece of valuable advice for you.

Newton's cradle is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy with swinging spheres. As the sphere moves faster it gains kinetic energy and momentum. When the two balls collide, the first ball transfers its kinetic energy to the second ball.

This can easily be compared to your job search and career developmen or what? For a delicious demonstration, I added these doughnuts.

My advice to you is to tap into this energy and imagine how much a small effort can generate at the other end. I'm sure that you have seen a device like this and been amazed at how long it can keep going without any help. Just an intentional first drop of the ball generates such movement and energy that it keeps the action going for a long time.

You can connect this to the effort needed in working on your career development and job search. A little effort made regularly every day will help you keep the motivation and momentum going. An innocent and which might seem like an insignificant action is in fact the recipe for ongoing stamina and the energy you need.

By treating your job search and career development this way you will distribute many seeds and the kinetic energy you generate will keep your spirit high.

Your Newton mindset, therefore, needs to be to attend to your career development every day and keep the momentum going.

If you need any help in designing a personalized job development plan, don't hesitate to reach out.

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