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Portfolio Careers

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The outlook aviation is 😵 and no one basically knows when it will recover. Many flight crew members are facing job loss. Aviation personnel have been extremely resourceful and creative to generate new sources of income. Ideas from the past which never have seen daylight start to take shape and develop. The pandemic has revived the imagination and old projects have been rescued from the discarded folder.

For many, the need for getting by has resulted in side hustling. As the pandemic continues to have a firm grip on us, this might in fact become a new reality. Side hustling may leed to an actual new career, a portfolio career.

A portfolio career can be a mix of full or part-time employment, freelancing, or working as a consultant. Such a choice of career requires building multiple and diverse skill sets and networks. It also requires a change of mindset and project management, being able to shift from one job to the other with agility. Career coaches will be having more conversations with clients about time management and joggling their lives as they look to develop portfolio careers.

Portfolio careers are much more relevant now as a strategy for future careers as individuals can work remotely and have time to brainstorm ideas on how to thrive. Their previous career might now bounceback anytime soon.

Portfolio careers however require building multiple and diverse skill sets and networks. Recruiters will have to acknowledge and extract the necessary and relevant information from CVs. Resumes might have to evolve to account for the complexities of portfolio careers and more complex, diverse career paths.

As a career coach, I welcome the stimulation and resourcefulness which the pandemic has brought us. "Necessity is the mother of invention" or like Lord Kelvin said: "When you are face to face with a difficulty, you are up against ta discovery."

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