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Problem solving while resting

I read this article recently and it was a revelation and a confirmation on so many things that I've noticed with myself. Know that this is how our brain works and actively apply this method is a jackpot.

Firstly it gives you a good reason to step away from a mind bothering riddle and secondly you might have the answer brought to you on a silver plate while on auto-pilot.

Herbert Benson, mind-body researcher says there are four steps to solving a problem when under stress.

(1) Push yourself to your more productive stress level by grappling intently with a problem;

(2) Just as you feel yourself flagging, disengage entirely by doing something completely unrelated;

(3) As the brain quiets down, activity paradoxically increases in areas associated with attention, space-time concepts, and decision making, leading to a sudden, creative insight-the breakout;

(4) achievement of a new normal state.

Stages two and three are the unplugging and re-charging stages of this process and emphasize why problem-solving is not always optimal when we keep ourselves charged. Sometimes, unplugging is refreshing to the brain.

So when you feel you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, try unplugging and recharge by applying these steps.

Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING but you are getting NOWHERE.

This is fantastic news for job speculators who don't know if they should stay or if they should go.

If you would like some help with making hard choices you are welcome to contact me.

Check out this article here:

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