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Timing is important. When an opportunity comes our way we sometimes don't see it because we are not ready and we miss out. Fear of the unknown can be holding us back which makes us blind towards the options all around us. We tend to box ourselves in.

Now it's the right time to start being proactive in your career decisions and stop guesstimating. If you look over your shoulder the opportunities are probably more than you think. How about reaching out to gain an extra set of eyes to help you see your options?

If this is the way you feel these days, then reach out! I'll lend you a helping hand in the upcoming webinar for Flight Crew Personnel.

The FREE Career Takeoff webinar will take place on the 8th of April:

Here is a link to sign up and reserve a seat on board. REGISTRATION

Four Tops and Boyzone couldn't have said it better:

... When you feel lost and about to give up 'Cause your best just ain't good enough And you feel the world has grown cold And you're drifting out all on your own And you need a hand to hold ... Reach out

Take care, reach out and register. See you there.

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