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Smallenge #2 - FIVE smashing minutes.

How to start rolling the ball and create a snowballing effect.

For an unpleasant task like making a presentation, focus all your efforts in the first five minutes on smashing that first slide.

As soon as it's done, it becomes a small chunk of reward that provides a dopamine release.

This will fuel the rest of the presentation and allow the dopamine to power you forward.

After that, you can easily shift into the indestructible mode and discover how to rise above them.

So the SMALLENGE of today is to start the top unpleasant task that you have been postponing, ignoring aka not doing for the past months.

Give it five smashing minutes and see what happens!

Did you end up doing more as a consequence of those devoted 5 minutes?


This you could apply to job search, making a dreaded call to a recruiter, follow up on a job application you sent in, etc.

Take the #smallenge and let me know how it went.

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