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Stuck in Transit

🚀Are you aviation personnel left stranded as the aviation industry goes into freefall?

🚀Are you in transit and unable to make up your mind about your next destination?

As a Career Coach, I help people define and find the runway for achieving their career goals, a new career path.

Sometimes it is perfectly fine simply not to choose a single path, you might be wired to pursue many areas. Barbara Sher, who sadly passed away in May 2020, calls those individuals "Scanners" - people whose unique type of mind does not zero in on a single interest but rather scans the horizon, eager to explore everything they see. If you relate to this description you might want to read her book called Refuse to Choose.

Furlough has given many people headspace" for a new career takeoff.

What if you don't need to choose a career, how liberating is that?

What Sher has discovered is that some individuals simply cannot, and should not, decide on a single path; they are genetically wired to pursue many areas. People whose unique type of mind does not zero in on a single interest but rather scans the horizon, eager to explore everything they see.

This is good news for aviation personnel who have developed precious knowledge and skills and feel a bit stuck in transit.

Some of my previous blogs feel like I've been emphasizing the opposite, i.e. being stuck between a rock and the hard place, having a logic dilemma on your hands, a fork in the road, and whispering gremlins blocking your decision-making.

However, the message from Sher fits perfectly in my opinion. The worst place to be is feeling stuck in transit not exploring your options and feeding your curiosity.

Cabin crew members have fine-tuned skills that can be ideal for running businesses of many kinds. In fact, they have so many soft skills that are important for the current and future job market.

Paul Green is a pilot w who came up with a business idea after a bumpy ride in his aviation career, through no fault of his own. He wondered if he could use his pilot's training to help people in other walks of life to manage stress. He launched his consultancy, The Cockpit Method, and so far has helped everyone from architects to accountants.

"When you think of a pilot you think of a good decision-maker," says Paul. "But actually it comes down to a well-rehearsed checklist and a procedure that focuses the mind. It's not an inherent skill."

Pilots and cabin crew are Not Just Crew. They are fully capable of spreading their wings and refusing to choose, finding their new groove and way forward.

If you need a little nudge or help with that, contact me for a free discovery session.

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