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The Big Shift

The word out there is that there is a BIG SHIFT in the job market, often referred to as the "Great Resignation". A period of mass resignation is setting records, and it seems like the lockdown has enabled many people to dig deep and find their core again.

This is super exciting - especially if you're job hunting! Tons of positives are coming up for employees and job-seekers. In this context, it counts to be positive! Lots of job opening options arise from all the movements in the market.

Employees are leaving the workforce or switching jobs in droves. For many, employers have played a big part in why they're walking away, but for others, the pandemic was like hitting the reset button, allowing them the time to reflect.

A Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 global workers showed that 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year, and a study from HR software company Personio of workers in the UK and Ireland showed 38% of those surveyed planned to quit in the next six months to a year.

It also looks like the #bigshift will bring about meaningful, long-term change to workplace culture and the way companies invest in their employees. At the same time expectations that employees have towards their employers and CEOs are rising.

The change was in fact happening before the pandemic but went into overdrive, even in the first few weeks. The pandemic has ripped that veil from the eyes of people both with regards to personal preferences and priorities as well as how they expect to be treated by their employer.

Normally the big shift is associated with climate change and the shift from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy. It seems like Human Resources have borrowed the terminology to put even more emphasis on what is happening in the global job market.

Ostriches are alleged to hide their tiny bird heads in the ground when approached by predators. The logic being that the bird-brained behemoth thinks that if it can’t see the predator, then the predator can’t see it either.

Don't be an ostrich.

Don't stick your head in the sand.

Stay alert.

A Big Shift is coming.

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