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The new Status Quo is Fluid

A linear career path is yesterday's news. Today I introduce the concept of fluid careers which is in line with a post I wrote recently about portfolio careers. Fluid career is a similar terminology, not strictly defined though.

It's a way through life that leverages a collection of experiences, expertise, roles/titles and spans multiple industries. Fluid careerists navigate ambiguity and are nimble. They are restlessly driven by curiosity, have a passionate need for excellence, and aspire to self-awareness.

Most career goals are still focused on climbing a broken corporate ladder. Sadly, linear career paths are still the norm. Yet we all know the world changes quickly.

Fluid careers are becoming the new normal.

A fluid career is based on intrinsic motivation and changing interests. Careers that can combine multiple part-time jobs to satisfy a variety of interests. This can also mean lateral career moves within an organization that has a mature talent development policy and encourages its employees in taking unusual career ladder moves.

Fluid careers can be a much more honest and authentic representation of who you are as an individual, especially if you happen to try many different types of careers but still can’t find the one that clicks with you.

No matter where you currently are in your life and career. If you are leaving aviation due to redundancy and downturn, it’s crucial to assess your options and consider this new norm of working, a fluid career path.

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