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The power of questions

Questions are an amazing way to control focus and communication. They put you in charge of the conversation. A properly placed question can showcase your intelligence, interest in a job, and impress the person interviewing you.

When preparing for a job interview gather some powerful questions to ask during the interview. The type of questions to choose should not only relate to the next steps of the recruitment process. Be curious to know more a how you fit in there and what kind of work environment you will be entering.

The choice and nature of questions also showcase you as a person. Make the persons in the room or zoom room feel important by asking job-related questions showing your interest in them and the workplace.

When selecting your range of questions keep in mind how you can make yourself stand out, without knowing what they expect of you.

Questions that reveal some personal details about the other person, such as how they like working in the company you are interviewing for, gives you the opportunity of getting closer to them, to make a personal connection.

Just asking questions and paying attention to their answers shows you are interested in them and prompts an exchange where they will then become interested in you.

Keep in mind that the interviewers are curious to get to know you personally, not only what knowledge and experience you will bring. The best way to meet this need is to answer their questions honestly and then to express your interest by asking well-thought-out questions in return.

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