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Uniquely Human Skills

Recruiters' "not so hidden" agenda is not only to find the right people but people with the right skills and mindset.

Future in-demand skills will be "uniquely human skills" that cannot be replaced with technology, including listening, attention to detail, communication, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and active learning.

Companies want people with an eye for detail, creative problem-solving skills, a collaborative mindset, and an ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity. The Forum’s Jobs of Tomorrow report, in fact, found that emerging professions reflect the continuing importance of human interaction in the new economy, giving rise to greater demand for roles at the forefront of people and culture.

For aviation personnel, this is great news. The wealth of their experience seems to tap into so many categories of skills and strengths needed for the future workforce.

Here is a very short version of a list of capabilities and skills that is required from flight crew members every day on the job.

  • Teamwork

  • Efficient work ethics. Get the job done no matter what. Under pressure.

  • Stepping up and taking authority, using own judgment

  • Active listening

  • Following instructions, checklists, and procedures strictly

  • Problem-solving on the fly.

  • Endurance. Even after long hours and time zone changes.

  • Emotional awareness and social perceptiveness.

  • Critical thinking and decision making

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Care and empathy

  • Service orientation

  • Continuous learning and recurrent training

In a survey conducted by Morning Consult for Cengage. employers said they were looking to hire people with:

  • Listening skills (74 percent)

  • Attention to detail and attentiveness (70 percent)

  • Effective communication (69 percent)

  • Critical thinking (67 percent)

  • Interpersonal skills (65 percent)

  • Active learning/learning new skills (65 percent)

“These results show that we must not underestimate the power of the people factor in the workforce,” Cengage CEO Michael Hansen said in a press release. “Technology and automation will continue to change and replace jobs, but there are skills that cannot be automated, such as the ability to think critically or problem solve.”

So, my advice to you is to hone in your wealth of experience and utilize the skills you've learned and trained on the job as a cabin crew or an airline pilot to find the right job for your skillset


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