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I visited the most remote place in my home country last week.

Hornstrandir - the territory of the Arctic fox has been uninhabited since the 1950s. Completely off the grid, it's like going back in time, where nature is the boss and the forces of nature fill your senses.

I had already anticipated being out of reach with no internet or cellphone coverage for a week. To be honest, I was battling the fact that I would not be "connected" to the rest of the world for an entire week.

This "entire" week turned out to be very adventurous and we were amazed every day by the stories of the people who lived there 100 years ago and their struggles. The group of 13 women got to know each other quite quickly.

You feel so vulnerable when out of reach. It takes your mind a couple of days to unplug and then the dust sets and you start to think differently and notice different things.

Little did I know how liberating it is and I've promised myself that I will carve out a week every year where I'm out of reach.

My message today has little to do with career change and development or what?

I believe that this week in the middle of nowhere gave me clarity and energy on top of new friendships and stories to tell. What more can you ask for.

I invite you to:

🐺 Go to the extremes and notice what it brings.

🐺 Unplug for a longer time than ever before and listen.

🐺 Shake your world and watch how the dust sets.

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