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What a recruitment process really is!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Have you ever felt deflated after being a runner up for a position that you really wanted? Has bounceback been difficult and taken a long time?

In the same way, as marketing is a dis-qualification process, a recruitment process is a rejection process!

In case receiving a rejection letter knocks you down, I have a piece of controversial advice that might help you stay motivated, and even excel at your next job search.

When working with a client once, I brought this perspective to the table. After coaching him for a while, we felt we had something there. I have brought this up a couple of time since with clients and it always initiates a new thought process.

So, my "theory" is that if you rewire your brain so that you call the recruitment process a rejection process instead, you might have a quicker bounce-back to keep going for the next job opportunity.

When approaching it as a rejection process, your focus is more on staying in the game, not focusing on having to WIN. Landing the job is more a result of the labour of hard work.

When looking at it as a selection process, the mental attachment is different because you are focusing on winning the race. The rejection generates more of a feeling of having lost.

I know this has helped some of my clients and I offer you to try. There is no research or data that support me in throwing this out there.

I welcome your feedback on this controversial advice. If you decide to try it out, then please let me know how it felt like.

Happy to discuss.

I can take it ...

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