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What is your current TOP strength?

Your application documents will get a real boost when adding your strengths to your presentation, both in CV and Cover Letters, as well as when interviewing.

Would you like to find out how?

Join me in Facebook LIVE today, where I will elaborate on this and show you how you can apply this.

29 APRIL 2021 - 16:00 GMT - 17:00 UK time - 18:00 Central European Tiem

The awareness of your current strengths will give your CV and Cover Letter an added attention. Showing recruiters that you know your strengths and you understand how they serve you adds the extra spice to your CV and captures the reader's attention.

Additionally, realizing what you can do and love to do will help you focus on achieving your life goals and enjoy a successful and rewarding career. This is ever so important now when the availability of jobs in certain sectors is scarce, such as in aviation.

By knowing more about your strengths and how to apply them each day, you'll be giving yourself a gift with many benefits. A career selection supported with strengths knowledge is a great match.

Strengths Profile is an online assessment giving you a unique Profile revealing your realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors, and weaknesses, along with job sector recommendations.

One lucky community member and attendee at the Facebook LIVE today will receive a FREE personal Strengths Profile and a private feedback session with Ágústa. Worth 160 €.


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