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Your authentic self

It does not make a lot of sense to me to have someone else write a CV and cover letter for you when applying for a job. That's my opinion after some years on the block.

An exaggerated CV and exalted text in a cover letter could in fact harm your chances when you show up for the interview.

If there is a discrepancy between your application documents and the person showing up for the job interview, you might be dismissed as a candidate not matching the potential in your application documents.

The job seeker needs to connect on a deeply personal level with his "ticket" to a new job.

That's why I emphasize getting to know the person I'm helping. Having a powerful conversation with the person helping you with your job search is crucial. Your Career Coach will ask you meaningful questions and you can share your intentions, motivation, and dreams. This is your upbeat and will contribute to more intimate application documents and eventually, your success.

This will ensure that the interviewing team will recognize the person showing up for the interview.

My advice is therefore to go the extra mile and acquire a career coach that you connect with who will help you bring your core to the table in a way that serves your purpose.

Drop me a message and I will help you find your core elements to portray and make a noteworthy fingerprint on the process.

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