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I've been blessed throughout my career with wonderful challenges which has required problem-solving, creativity and innovative thinking.  Good colleagues who cheer you on are priceless. Here is what some colleagues have to say about me.

Tómas INgason.jpg

Tómas Ingason
CIO/CBDO at Icelandair

"Ágústa assumed her position at WOW air under challenging circumstances. She showed determination and zeal when organizing the HR department almost from scratch with limited top-down support.
I was highly impressed by the hiring process Ágústa instituted at WOW air. The tools she applied opened a new dimension in getting to know the applicants. Ágústa also ensured that the process ran smoothly and on time in all instances which was appreciated both by WOW air management and the applicants.
I can without hesitation recommend Ágústa as a very capable HR professional and I would love to work with her again at some point."


Lenka Benesova

Ágústa is truly great at what she does! Throughout our work together, she helped me a lot to navigate during this difficult period that the aviation industry has been facing. I highly recommend for those who are unsure how to move forward at this time to get in touch with Ágústa! Thank you again!

Nick Jost.jpg

Nick "N.J." JOST

Ágústa sincerely cares about people and really means what she says. That is the impression I and so many other colleagues from the aerospace world have shared so far. With her broad, first-hand experience as an aviation HR director and recruiter and professional career coach, Ágústa has helped so many stranded flight crews back into the saddle. She has a very powerful and inspiring way of conveying “the message” and identifying one´s strengths and motivators. Everybody needs a coach. I am glad I have found mine in Ágústa!


Thomas Durham 

I got practical advice, improved my CV, LinkedIn profile, built and better engaged my network and got constructive interview feedback. All of this will continue to be of value and help me be in a stronger position for my next career step. Equally importantly, I had regular dialogue with Ágústa through a period where I had limited engagement with others. Ágústa was warm and open and made me feel at ease throughout our interactions. I appreciated having an impartial sounding board and a knowledgeable ear - as a result of which, I gained a new position quickly.


Merja Pöyri

I learned to know Ágústa Sigrún through a webinar I joined couple of weeks ago. I see her as a generous and talented Career Coach with large knowledge and skills due to her pervasive background. The partipicants got the latest scientific data and all the information in clear comprehensible form, which I find very important in this rapidly changing business world. For me the most apparent thing was that I got new practical words how to open skills from my past "Sky Office"


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