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Your Career Takeoff

for FLIGHT CREW members who are planning their next career


Take control of your plan B!

## NEXT WEBINAR ## 12 MAY 2021

  • Your Career Takeoff
    Wed, 12 May
    FREE Webinar for Airline Crews
    12 May 2021, 19:00 – 20:15 GMT
    FREE Webinar for Airline Crews
    Decision-making is hard when you are missing information supporting you. This seems to be the new standard for aviation personnel. One day everything looks bright and positive, the next day the outlook seems gloomy with no clear direction. Are you waiting for our decision to be catapulted?

The outlook aviation is  😵  and no one basically knows when it will recover

Many flight crew members are facing job loss.

  • They feel overwhelmed and insecure about their options and the choices they must make.

  • Many are thinking about entering a new career but they don’t know which one.

  • Even more are feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to make a decision.

  • Many are procrastinating making a decision, hoping they will get a clear sign on what to do.

  • Some are planning to wait it out, hoping to be hired back. Not making a decision, yet.

  • For others, the problem is how to be noticed, seen, and heard when applying for a job.

Consider this... this the way out you have been waiting for?

...has the timing ever been better for a new career takeoff?

... is it about time to wake up and smell the coffee?

When you go ALL IN and make a conscious choice about your next career you are already halfway there.

In this FREE online LIVE webinar, I will help you do exactly that.

You will receive best practices, expert tips, and proven recipes for your career progress 

This FREE webinar will last for 75 minutes and will be 100% LIVE. 

What you willl learn

  • Why making a decision now about your next move is crucial for your career.

  • How to liberate you from the place between the rock and a hard place and start working on your plan B, as we speak

  • The 5 things to keep in mind to carry out a strategic job search, how to enjoy it more and brush off the rejections.

  • Which skills are currently sought after and play huge a role in the future job market.

  •  Plus, a lot of fun, inspiration, and motivational spirit with Ágústa Sigrún


from Webinar Attendees

I attended the "Career Takeoff Webinar for EX Cabin Crew Members" that Ágústa conducted. It was amazing and super helpful as she was very knowledgeable about this topic. I especially loved the fact that her guidelines were based on research, which made the guidelines fit to be applied across borders, industries, and even various stages of one's profession! Many of my previous knowledge related to this topic, especially about soft skills and networking were in fact reinforced while attending this session. This was because Ágústa used her excellent communication skills to orientate the audience with actionable guidelines and practical tips. Attending her session was indeed worthwhile.

Imran Newaz Khurshid
Trainer, Certified by the University of Cambridge | Learning Designer | Digital Transformation | Sustainability | Soft Skills

Ágústa Sigrún is a fantastic coach. She gives you the best tips, advice and support to find a job, prepare for an interview, to be aware of our skills developed during our cabin crew careers… In summary, she helps people in Aviation to find a new job and how to be more prepared during the pandemic. I really recommended her. She is very kind, polite and she is always with a smile on her face teaching her knowledge and experience in Aviation, Coaching and HR. I attended her Webinar by Zoom: "Career Takeoff for Cabin Crew Members" and it was very useful and interesting. I have learned a lot. I am very thankful.

Rocío Villarino Vilas
Flight Attendant

This service being provided is fantastic. It has provided me with a great insight into recruitment and particularly what is required from a candidate. If there are any pilots out there, who are finding themselves a bit lost when it comes to “what to do next”... I suggest getting in touch with Ágústa.

John Kenneally
First Officer B737NG/Max B787/777

I learned to know Ágústa Sigrún through a webinar I joined a couple of weeks ago. I see her as a generous and talented Career Coach with large knowledge and skills due to her pervasive background. The participants got the latest scientific data and all the information in a clear comprehensible form, which I find very important in this rapidly changing business world. For me, the most apparent thing was that I got new practical words about how to open skills from my past "Sky Office" career. So I can warmly recommend her as your next Career Coach.

Merja Pöyri
Creative Development Solving and Team Building. 👩🏻🎨 Brightening mutual understanding. Certified Resilience Mind Coach. Holistic Thinker.

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